Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Scale Part Duex

I'm almost through my month with no scale. It has been harder than I thought and I did cheat once, the first week in. Almost every time I enter the bathroom, I think "if only the scale were here, I'd see what's up." But what's up is more than what that darn thing can tell me.

I've had someone recently tell me they thought I looked like I'd lost a few pounds. I wanted to jump on the scale immediately. But if I had found out I hadn't lost a few pounds, then the compliment would have meant nothing... the joy in hearing that would have been revoked. Which isn't fair. Someone told me I looked good. I say thank you, and I let myself feel happy instead of trying to prove them right or wrong by the numbers.I went to a professional lunch last week and I put on a pair of slacks that haven't fit for months and they did fit. A little snug in the rear but they fit in the waist and thighs so I was pleasantly surprised. Going to show you that results aren't always numbers oriented.

Even without weighing myself constantly and with the scale out of the room, I feel both a little obsessed with it AND freed of it's burden. I am making eating decisions for how I want to feel, if I want to take the risk that my skin will flare up, if the end result will be worth it. This last weekend, away from home, I didn't make the best eating choices (I did have both gluten and dairy) but MOST of those decisions, in the moment WERE worth it (I had my first crab melt!) and I'm back on track the second I started the long drive back home.

So, I'm trying to figure out other small goals for myself once this month's challenge is up. Do I keep the scale out of the bathroom and only pull it out once a week or every other week to just monitor one aspect of progress? I haven't decided. I do think April will be "no sushi" month. Because I'm a full blown sushi addict and that stuff is NOT gluten or sugar free the way they generally make things. So... small steps. :)

I read this article and thought it was cute and accurate:

Onward and upward, yes?


  1. Get rid of the scale, it is just a number on the screen and probably one of the least important when it comes to health. Don't let that number have so much power over your well being and weight loss. If your pants fit better that means you're on the right track. Don't celebrate with a bunch of wine and sushi, just keep heading down the track.

  2. I too am scale obsessed -- this week I have been avoiding it becuase I don't think I would like what I see and why feel bad? Am I denial and just don't want to know the truth? I want to be free from obsessing over food because the food obsession isn't helping me make better choices it just makes me feel guilty when I make bad choices. Trying to listen to my body and only eat when I'm hungry not because it's a certain time of day or I'm bored, stressed or tired. so my advice --- kick that scale to the curb and if the clothes fit well or are getting big you're headed in the right direction.

  3. It's funny... I woke up this morning TOTALLY wanting to get on the scale. But I fought the urge. I thought "why do I want to do that? What's it going to tell me that I don't already pretty much know by how my body moves in it's space?" I know I will weigh myself eventually but I think I've decided to keep the scale tucked away and only pull it out once a month or so. And I'll definitely weight until my one month challenge is over before I pull it out again. I feel so much freedom not seeing it in the bathroom every day!

  4. I agree with the other comments about getting rid of the scale! Weigh yourself once a month or less often at the gym instead if you really want to know, and keep up the healthy routines you have established. It's OK to cheat every now and then, the real goal is to be happy, so I say have your sushi!