Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hump Day Randomisms -3/13/13

There is a reason I only read books over 400-ish pages once a year. They are almost, at least to some degree, boring and tedious! I'm reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and it took me about 450 pages for me to really get into it. eep!

I'm mad at all quick and go oil change places right now. Guess I'll just have to make appointments and take things to my mechanic. The rest totally suck.

Apparently, when you run into really sharp objects and get terrible bruising and you feel weird bumps under the bruise it's because you've actually ripped right through the muscle fibers and they have rolled up and away from the other fibers. EEWWWWW!!!!! Luckily it will heal on it's own, but it's really a weird feeling. yuck.

I'M GOING SWIMMING TODAY! For the first time in AGES I'm getting into a pool and attempting to actually SWIM (not aqua aerobics) as exercise. I'm strangely anxious but SUPER stoked too! Luckily a roped a buddy in going with me. ;-)

I'm tired today. Just thought you should know. ;-)

I saw Oz last night. Thought it was pretty good... the visual effects, I thought, were super great. They really made the movie for me. I think James Franco looks stoned most of the time, though. hahaha

I've gotta file my taxes this week. It's hard knowing I have to part with so much money. Makes me super bummed.

I'm totally in love with and pinterest. New obsessions!

I made this for my bookclub weekend away at Jenna's river cabin and they were a huge hit. I'm SO making them again for this weekend in Bandin!

Not much else to report. I hope everyone is having a great day!

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