Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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I'm feeling particularly hopeful this week. I'm not sure why, nothing much has changed, but I am. My feet are feeling better and I'm excited about MAYBE having a summer full of walking and hiking (moderate, of course!).

I'm going to start working with a new acupuncturist on several things. My feet, my food sensitivities, weight loss and overall body balance. If I had known 2 years ago that acupuncture would help my feet I would have saved myself several thousand dollars in other, more traditional (and non effective for me) methods. I'm SO happy to start this journey.

Said acupuncturist says the spirit is strong within me (boy, do I feel like a Jedi!) and she thinks I'm probably a fire element (duh, I'm a Leo! I'm all fire!) But I left the consultation with her thinking... if she thinks the spirit within me is strong, when I'm in constant pain/discomfort, I'm always tired and/or frustrated and also in a strange place in my personal life, then what would my spirit look like if some of those things were cleared out? Wow.... watch out world! I'm really excited!

My love is back from Juneau and I've only seen him for 2 hours. I hope I get to spend some time with him soon. I really miss that guy! He's faced with a tough decision now, though, about what to do with some of his job choices and it will be interesting to see what (and why) he chooses what he chooses. Selfishly, I hope he stays here with me, but I truly do want what is best for him, no matter what. Even if that doesn't include me right now. So we will see. I'm in a weird holding pattern that would normally make me extremely anxious and freaked but I'm actually feeling more of an uncomfortable calm about it. I can't control anything, so I just have to wait and see how things turn out.

I'm enjoying my days at the gym lately. I feel SO GOOD after I go. Jess said something to me the other day that I hope I remember. She said "When I'm dragging my feet to go to the gym, I try to remember that I always regret NOT going, but I NEVER regret going." Such a good point! I DID NOT want to go to the gym yesterday but not only did I feel great afterward, but I also did 10 minutes on the stairclimber which I haven't done in FOREVER because of my feet. So on top of being happy I got to the gym, I was proud I did something I haven't been able to do.

On that note, best get on with the day. Happy Hump Day to everyone!

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