Monday, April 1, 2013

April Challenge

I've decided to try to do one personal challenge each month this year. I haven't gotten much further than this month and last month, so I welcome any ideas!

In coming to the end of my "no scale" challenge for the month of March, I'm remiss to find I put on 4 pounds. I am not entirely convinced it's not just situational. Easter brunch with mimosas still digesting in my belly, a handful of glasses of wine this weekend and the timing of the month that always lends itself to water retention. I may not have lost weight this month (darn it!) but I don't really believe I gained weight, either. Although I'm bummed that this is the note my March challenge ends on (I won't lie, I was hoping to jump on and find I'd lost something), I have to keep my chin up and keep going.

So April is my "no sushi" month. I have a serious weakness for sushi and I love my sushi rolls. But... with my staying away from gluten and sugar (and corn and dairy), sushi is not the best choice for me. And frankly, if I get takeout, I can put away 3-4 rolls by myself and that's a lot of calories I really don't need all in one sitting. So... that is my April challenge... no sushi. The longer I stay away from sushi, the easier it is for me to stay away, but if I eat it one day, I tend to eat it for a few days in a row, like a crazy sushi obsessed person. Moderation is key, I realize, but I haven't quite figured that out too well unless I'm sharing sushi with someone, then I'm better. But since I generally eat sushi alone, I'm shooting for 30 days without it at all.

I'll let you know how it goes... wish me luck! And if you think of any other good monthly challenges that you have tried or think I should, let me know!


  1. I'm doing the low-carb thing, and I can tell you that rice is the DEVIL. :P Seriously, of all the grains out there, rice seems to have the most carbs, and brown rice can be even worse than white, and it doesn't really have enough fiber to offset the carb count. So if you do break down and get sushi, eat the fish and throw away the rice. :D


  2. I agree... I'm mostly Paleo so I don't really eat carbs anyway, but sushi is definitely my weakness. Those tasty yummy rolls WITH the rice! I think it will be good to break the cycle for a while! Get myself a nice, good, clean slate! :)

  3. i think the monthly challenge is a great idea. I want to kick my terrible soda habit. it is weird that I find it harder to give up than smoking two years ago? thank you for the inspiration!!