Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whole30 - The End

Today marks my last day on the Whole30. I'm technically a day early, but I'm traveling tonight and tomorrow and can't wait to share a bottle of wine with my sweet heart.

As I mentioned, I did the Whole30 as a Whole45 in January/February 2012 (or was it 2011?) I don't remember, but I do remember I stuck to it and lost 4 pounds. I was SO frustrated. But I'm doing things differently now. I'm seeing a naturopath and acupuncturist to get my system to let go of what it doesn't need and between that and consistent exercise and doing the Whole30 again, I've officially lost 9.6 pounds and 6.75 inches since May 1st. It's the most weight I've lost since I hit about 25 years old without doing something drastic and extreme. Although I suppose some would say the Whole30 is drastic, but I found a quote yesterday that said "Paleo isn't low carb, it's low crap." And that's a fact. Cutting out sugar has been AMAZING!

I haven't been perfect. I've had sushi three times. I had quinoa and sour cream when I went to Phoenix. I went wine tasting last Sunday. I put a few drops of Stevia in my coffee a few times. But you know what I didn't do? I didn't let my sushi nights lead to another meal or day off plan. I didn't eat any of the crackers or candy that were put out at the wineries. I didn't put 10 drops of Stevia in my coffee just 2 or 3. I ate a cutie tangerine the other day and couldn't... it was too sweet. It's amazing how your tastes change with you limit the sugar and sweetness you ingest. I cannot eat 72% dark chocolate anymore. If it's not 88-90%, I don't want it, it's too sweet.

I've loved this and can't wait to do it again. It was challenging and I had hard days (traveling on this plan is difficult) but I'm thrilled with the results and feel like I finally have some inertia and momentum to keep focused.

I've also developed an interesting side effect of eating too much or too fast. If I eat too much or too fast, I get a bit of a stomach ache and lump in my throat that feels like I swallowed a tennis ball. If anything will make me rethink a second helping or remind me to slow down, it's a tennis ball in my throat! LOL

Anyway... this has been great and I expect I'll officially do it again in January, but I'm going to keep attempting to keep sugar intake to a minimum. Make my own salad dressings and mayonnaise when possible to cut down on unnecessary sugars and preservatives, eating whole foods and not packaged foods, and limiting happy hours and restaurant outings whenever possible. Here's hoping I keep going... I have 17 more pounds before I get to my first weight loss goal.

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Halfway Point

Today marks my halfway point of my Whole30 Paleo Challenge. I can't tell you how amazing I feel. My energy has been consistent, I've been getting through my work outs without being so exhausted I need to quit, I'm sleeping better and I'm not really craving much. I love it!

I wish it were easy ALL the time to eat no sugar, but it's really not. I mean, it's easy to limit sugar at home, but you never know what you're getting if you eat out. And I really don't want to live my life without the occasional glass of wine or a cocktail at social occasions. Also, as I learned, traveling and eating Whole30 is difficult. Not impossible, but definitely a challenge.

As you know by now, I tried out for the Biggest Loser this last weekend by attending a Casting Call in Phoenix, AZ. I packed a lot of food with me in preparation for the flight there and back, waiting in line, etc etc. I packed SeaSnax, Primal Pacs, cashews, almonds and oranges. Also a few raw bars I found at New Seasons that had no added sugar. I ate only two meals out and still managed to have 5 corn chips and a dallop of sour cream on my not so awesome salad at dinner on Friday night and some cheese and ranch dressing on my salad at lunch on Saturday. I also had sour cream and quinoa in my Paleo-friendly Green Chile Verde soup that my host made for me. Sunday I was so exhausted after getting up at 4am to get to the airport and fly home that it was difficult to stay away from the sushi when we went out for Mother's Day. In the end, I ended up getting sushi take out and getting my fill. I didn't feel awesome physically, but I didn't beat myself emotionally for the few transgressions I made away from plan.

I was immediately back on plan after my Sunday take-out and haven't strayed since. I really am working on letting go of the perfection mentality. I do want to do my best on the 30 day challenge and I'd like to think I'll eat like this when this is over (which I expect since my regular diet isn't really all that different than this) but if I eat like this 80% of the time and the other 20% of the time is still healthy foods that may involve dairy, grains and sugars like honey or maple syrup... with an occasional cheeseburger and fries thrown in for good measure, then I feel perfectly fine with that. I hope my release from the perfection mentality stays with me... the "all or nothing" and black and white thinking doesn't do anyone any good. Moderation, moderation, moderation. Life isn't about perfection, it's about doing your best, feeling your best, and taking care of the only thing you have in this world when it comes down to it and that's your health. Physical, emotional and spiritual health, all deeply intertwined.

So I reach back, give myself a firm pat on the back and carry on, my head held high and a bounce in my step.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Dichotomous State of Mind

My energy since starting the Whole30 on May 1st has been better than it's been in a long time. I feel alert, clear minded and focused. Motivated even!

I feel great about the food I'm eating and have had the energy and wherewithal to exercise 5 days last week plus a yin yoga class! I'm sleeping pretty good (despite a sore shoulder and weird dreams) and overall feel pretty dang good.

But I feel a bit of emotional heaviness. I feel confused... like I WANT to be the happiness person alive right now, but I have some nagging feelings that are keeping me down. I'm trying to just recognize this feeling and accept it instead of judging it and be as happy as I can be despite this strange sense of.... sadness... uncertainty... confusion... even some somewhat undefined fear.

It's weird to feel so dichotomous. I pretty much usually feel one way at any given moment, even if that may change quickly at times. But right now I feel like while I'm on top of the world, I still keep looking down. I just have to accept it for what it is right now and keep doing the best I can.

23 more days on the Whole30! I'm sure I'll add Stevia and some limited alcohol back into my diet but I think I'll attempt to stay grain, soy and refined sugar free as much as I can. I feel amazing. Like the cobwebs have been cleared. It's a great thing. :-)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Whole30 - The beginning

Today begins the Whole30 for me. I'm SO grateful to have a few folks doing it along with me so there is a bit of a support and brainstorming net.

The good news is that I was totally freaked out to remove the Stevia from my coffee but I found that if I put the coffee over ice and put enough Almond milk in it, then it's not SO bad. Whew! What a relief.

Otherwise, the Whole30 isn't all that different than how I usually eat, just paying more attention to labels on things like bacon and salad dressing, both of which usually have added sugars. And not drinking. But 30 days with no alcohol is no big deal. I'm having a little shin dig in June and just think what a cheap date I'll be after a month of not drinking! LOL

Anyway, I'm not doing this with an intention to drop weight, but really just to improve overall health, energy and work out performance. If I lose weight or inches, then hey... added bonus! I'm finally into a regular exercise routine so I think things will go alone well and hopefully relatively quickly. I can't believe it's even May anyway!!

More halfway through... have a great day!!