Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Whole30 - The beginning

Today begins the Whole30 for me. I'm SO grateful to have a few folks doing it along with me so there is a bit of a support and brainstorming net.

The good news is that I was totally freaked out to remove the Stevia from my coffee but I found that if I put the coffee over ice and put enough Almond milk in it, then it's not SO bad. Whew! What a relief.

Otherwise, the Whole30 isn't all that different than how I usually eat, just paying more attention to labels on things like bacon and salad dressing, both of which usually have added sugars. And not drinking. But 30 days with no alcohol is no big deal. I'm having a little shin dig in June and just think what a cheap date I'll be after a month of not drinking! LOL

Anyway, I'm not doing this with an intention to drop weight, but really just to improve overall health, energy and work out performance. If I lose weight or inches, then hey... added bonus! I'm finally into a regular exercise routine so I think things will go alone well and hopefully relatively quickly. I can't believe it's even May anyway!!

More halfway through... have a great day!!


  1. Good! Watch out for Almond milk it can be loaded with sugar depending on the brand.

  2. Mine is unsweetened vanilla. no added sugar. :)