Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gearing up

Hi friends!
I'm gearing up to start the Whole30 Paleo cleanse next Wednesday, May 1st for a month. I've only done this once before, well over a year ago, but I think I got it down. I've been eating mostly Paleo for a good two years now so cutting out the sugars and dairy won't be too difficult. The hardest part is cutting out the alcohol. No booze at the bachelorette party I'm going to or during any weekends away or for happy hours. BUT I've done it before and I can do it again. It's only 30 days for crying out loud.

And I have at least two folks who have committed to doing it with me so we can talk about challenges and successes and recipes. I'm stoked.

To be clear, I don't expect anything regarding weight loss. I'm actually not even doing this with any weight loss intentions. My ezcema has been reacting to sugars mostly so I'm really using it as a tool to cut it out for a while and allow my body and skin to heal up a bit. I'm doing it to see if cutting out the sugar for 30 days helps with my overall energy, which has been sporadically both super high and super low.

I am considering actually making time for scheduled meditation each week. My ND tells me that my adrenal hormones aren't happy right now and they are reactive to stressors. Not necessarily mental/emotional stress either, but physical ones as well... carrying extra weight, working out with extra weight, worrying excessively about extra weight. I'd love to be free of the worry and while I can't really magically wake up thinner (if someone comes up with THAT formula, let me know!), I can try to relax about it. Ease up on how much my brain space it takes up. I'm already taking a weekly Yin yoga class and in addition to that I'd like to actually schedule time to sit in front of one of the multiple guided meditation CDs I have just to free my mind for a little while.

So I'm going to have my sushi this week, have my beer at the brewfest this weekend and be going sugar/dairy/alcohol free May 1st! I'll keep you updated on how things go! WHOOT!!!

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