Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hump Day Randomisms

Hi friends!

I got news yesterday that I have to take a mandatory week long furlough. That's a week off (YAY!) unpaid (BOOO!). I always take these things really badly and hard. I'm totally freaked out about money now as I just got a little bonus and put it right on my credit card. Had I known, I would have saved it. Granted, this just happened at my company so there wouldn't have been a way to know, but still... what a bummer. Even though this means I have to dig into my "never touch except for extreme emergency" savings account, I'm taking it the week Kent gets back from Juneau and so I'll be able to enjoy some time with him and dive into a book or two. That's really all I want to do anyway. Read read read. So that's an upside.

Here's my weekly memory... I was reminiscing on something for a good part of a day this week. Once, when my folks were out of town, I threw a party. I was probably 18 or 19. There are mainly three people in my memory but I can't remember if the best friend role was played by Helena (that would put me at 19) or Susan (which would put me pre-college closer to 18).
     Anyway, there were 10-15 folks at my party and I have no idea now who else was there, but I remember my best friend (BF) and I remember Aaron (the dude BF). We were drinking who knows what at that age... probably Zima's or poorly made jungle juice... and at some point we decided to pile about 7 of us in my tiny '86 Jetta and drive out to Blue Lake Park. The irony is, I actually cannot recollect how to get there without looking it up on a map. We parked along a fence off the road (again, no idea how I knew to do that) and hopped over the fence and hiked down to the lake. BF and Aaron and I stripped down to either our skivvies or birthday suits and went swimming. Everyone else stayed on the shoreline. I play-splashed the BF and Aaron carried me on his back and we just swam and hung out and laughed and talked for a good while until we decided we were cold and not nearly drunk enough anymore to handle how bad the lake smelled (it's so filthy!).
     We drove back to my house and again, I have no recollection of what else we did with the evening but I do remember being in my parent's bed with the BF and wanting to check on Aaron, who was asleep in my room. None of us showered so we all stank of stinky lake (I washed all sheets immediately upon waking). I just remember Aaron sleeping soundly and being so grateful I had such good besties and what a great time I'd had and I hoped to remember this forever (which I apparently didn't fully remember).
     The memory lets me lavish in one of my happier moments of my young adult hood that was otherwise so wrought with strife. It reminds me to appreciate my friends.... the moments when you can just let go of all responsibilities and LIVE. To throw your head back, and howl with a good, loud laugh.

I'm loving my horoscope today: Today you just know things that others cannot perceive. Perhaps you believe that someone is trying to control you and it doesn't sit well with you. Whatever has you concerned now, the most important thing is to stay calm. Observe what is happening and act in accordance to the external circumstances, rather than what is brought up by your own fears. You can choose to bring more stability into your life by basing your current decisions on love, and then trusting the process.

Guess that's all I've got today. I'm off to get some nutritional testing done this AM, see what's up with any potential official food allergies. Happy Hump Day!

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