Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hump Day Randomisms

For those who used to follow my other blog back in the day, it's been some time since I put out a randomism blog. But I just had to today and maybe I'll start back up doing it again every week. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

So ... Why do people insist on riding their bikes down 82nd? It's VERY dangerous. Today there was someone pulling a tricycle like thing behind him and I'm like "omg, dude, I hope you don't die"....

I went to Winco today. I had my signal on for a spot and someone took it. I was pissed, but then I saw how white trash and sleazy they were and I figured maybe they needed the spot more than me. There were plenty of other spots so whatever. I was upset to find that the same cheese I bought at Freddies just moments before for $4.49 was $3.39 there. Damn it! Oh well. Cheap bulk goods made me happy. yay quinoa!

Special K and I have a burger date for next Friday. We'll have reintroduced potatoes and wheat by then so we're going to go have ourselves a double burger with fries at Cruiser's drive in. He is VERY excited to have a burger. It's one of our favorite foods and we are on the constant look out for a good one. So far, Slow bar is the best in town, hands down, but Cruiser's is a different sort of burger and we're going "all original" next weekend. Yessss!

I had my checkbook in my back pocket today to remember to take it downstairs and I forgot about it and after using the restroom, it fell in the toilet. Universe 1; Lindsay 0.

Special K is, by far, the hottest guy I've ever dated. He's all athletic and cute. He's all shoulders but has those hips I so love on a man. His hair is curly and ridiculously soft, as his skin, and he almost always smells absolutely delightful. He has great eyes and smile and teeth and is the best kisser (and other things). *dreamy sigh* I'm quite crazy about him. The fact that he's super hot is just icing on the cake. Doesn't hurt that he thinks I'm pretty hot too. yay!

Speaking of cake. Man that doesn't sound bad at all. Oh well. no cake for Lindsay.

April has already been such a good month and I think it's just going to keep on in that vein. Lots of fun things plans. I'm in love with this day today. I've done my errands and after work I'm going to curl up with my Cleopatra book (I'm only on page 600 out of 950!) and make a garbanzo and pistachio bake and watch a movie with the fireplace on. Because I'm worth it.

Happy Hump Day!!

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