Monday, April 12, 2010

Almost over

I'm almost done with the reintroduction phase of the elimination diet I'd done. Today is corn. Yesterday was sugar (and apparently chicken, but more on that later). I got a cold on Friday so I spent all weekend kind of snacking and drinking tons of OJ. Once my sore throat hit, though, the OJ was out (OUCH!). Not had too many bad reactions other there were some reactions around soy, eggs and very slightly with potatoes. I didn't feel super awesome on the sugar yesterday, but I only had a little bit and it was probably more the cold than anything else.

And the wings.


So here I've been vegan, then vegetarian over the last couple of weeks and I just dive into 9 wings while out to dinner with Nicole. I have no idea what came over me. Comfort food b/c I'm sick? PMS? It wasn't deprivation. I've felt surprisingly satisfied and have been trying to listen more to my hunger and less to the other senses that can easily take over in my issues with food. I don't feel guilty, necessarily about the wings, but I don't know why I made THAT specific choice so early on in this process. And luckily, it was one meal in one day, and today is a whole new day. Hurray!

And once my cold is better, I'll work out again. I didn't all weekend due to cold, but worked out hard last week, so that's good. Although I AM up 5 lbs. (let's pray it's just PMS)! I mean, seriously!

Special K and I have a burger date on Friday night so we can celebrate and gorge ourselves on beef and fries. hahaha! I've learned so much about myself and food in the last few weeks that it's fun to look forward to it and also knowing I'll probably feel totally gross afterward and will be glad to have a salad the next day. YAY!

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