Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Body for Life: Getting ready

May 29, 2009 - Friday

Well, I have to admit, my first week trying to eat better and work out didn't exactly go as scheduled but has strangely been a success (if you can call it that).

I worked out to my little Biggest Loser DVD 3 days last week starting Wednesday. I ordered salads instead of fries when I ate out. And sandwiches instead of burgers. And then the weekend hit. And I just... forgot. This seems to happen to me a lot. I get into the moment, I'm having fun with my friends, and I order out of habit instead of mindfulness. Not to mention the sheer amount of alcohol I ingested this weekend. EEK!

I tried to be better on Monday and Tuesday. No drinking. But I spent Monday at Sauvie's Island with friends and we ate chips and egg salad sammys and pistachios. Oh. hahaha

I don't remember really what I ate on Tuesday. A bagel for breakfast. Oh. right. Michael bought me lunch at nohos and I had a small, not a medium. Yesss! And then my throat started to hurt. I went to happy hour with a old coworker and had a couple of nibbles on her nachos but didn't like them. I had one drink but started to really not feel well. I went home and ate potato leek soup Howard made for me. (so good!)

And Wednesday I couldn't swallow. I had a moderately high fever, couldn't seem to stay awake, was getting totally swamped at work and all I wanted was some goddamn water. Nicole took me to the Dr and brought me juice but the juice created too much saliva and I just couldn't swallow it. They told me I didn't have strep so I started to cry and then dry heaved in the sink. yeah. hawwwt. I got some ass shot though to help with nausea. Which I think was just hunger really.

So that's what my Wednesday and Thursday have been like. I've had 2 16oz bottles of juice, abougt 1.5 cups of soup and 2 bottles of propel in 2 days. I've actually lost 10 lbs as of this morning. So what that I haven't pooed or that my pee is dark orange. I mean, I'm on a roll here, right? LOL

No, but really. All I want is pizza. Funny. But when I woke up this morning and found swallowing a tad easier (but then again, I thought that yesterday morning too), I also found I was scared to eat. I have only had some slight hunger and mostly it's been in my head and not my belly. I know that starving oneself is, like, the worst thing ever, so save me the lecture, mmkay? But I find it interesting that I have actual FEAR of putting food in my mouth. I know that 10 lbs is water weight and muscle mass and not fat but it sure does feel more like home when I jump on the scale considering I was really adamant about starting out with a 20 lb weight loss. Perhaps I should go to Food Addicts Anonymous or something (seriously).

Anyway. Not exactly what I was hoping to report, but it's what I got. How was YOUR week? Tell me your challenges and successes.

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