Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cleanse DAY TWO

Hi All!

Because it's been requested of me, here are the recipes I made yesterday. I have to say that the zesty garbanzo beans with pistachios was AMAZING!!!


So Day One seemed ok for me but a bit more difficult for Special K. We both had that empty fullness, or barely hungry feeling all day. Although we both worked out separately in the morning, we spend all evening on the couch watching movies. In case you're wondering, we watched Extract, Funny People and Food, Inc. Have you SEEN Food, Inc? My god... very frightening. I never want to eat anything with soy in it every again! Too bad EVERYthing has soy in it (except all the stuff we're eating this week actually). And soy is just the beginning.

Anyway. It's almost 9am now. Special K is on a walk and I'm a bit bleary eyed and definitely getting hungry. Will do a work out of some sort I THINK today although I'd really rather have a nap. LOL Hopefully I'll get more energy from this today or tomorrow. I drank a gallon plus of water yesterday so things are certainly being cleansed away.

Until tomorrow.... :)

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  1. Food Inc is a scary movie, no doubt about it. Good luck with your plan.