Wednesday, March 31, 2010


1pm: It seems as though nothing all that remarkable is happening. I'm not losing massive amounts of weight, I'm not on top of the world, and shockingly, I'm not really craving any food whatsoever. So.. I'm not sure if my expectations were out of whack, or what.

This morning Special K and I worked out again together to a DVD and he had breakfast early, while I grazed on some strawberries and a few raw cashews that took me nearly 5 hours to finish. I am not hungry today. I had some leftover garbanzo bean/pistachio bake for lunch ONLY b/c you can't eat very heavy several hours before yoga and yoga starts at 3:30. I'm down just about 13 lbs for the year, but only 5.2 since I weighed myself on Monday and frankly I'm not sure how accurate my first weigh in was since 3 hours later I was down 4.6 lbs. So... ANYway.

2:20pm: GOD!! The bulk items at WinCo almost did me in! I wanted a piece of easter chocolate something terrible. But it subsided. So far neither Special K nor I am really craving anything, but we have also been relatively sequestered and isolated. I'm finally hungry, but can't really eat anything as I need a pretty empty stomach for Yin Yoga.

This has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. The food we've made has all been very tasty and I'm not dissatisfied one bit. I also spent two weeks prepping myself for this so that helped as well. Do I imagine myself as a Macro Vegan or Vegetarian? Not really. But then again, we'll see how this all works out. I'm not putting this in a box yet other than committing to this process for what it is for now.

Basically... not much to report. I hope you are all having a great day!

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