Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The power of raw food and vitamins

I saw an amazing movie last night called "Food Matters." It's not as horrifying as "Food, Inc" regarding the genetic modification of our foods and treatment of our animals, but it is about nutrition and the importance of good nutrition. And what a lack of nutrition can do to us. And the numbers show it with now 13% of women getting breast cancer and prostate and colon cancers on the rise. When this movie was made there were nearly 600,000 people dying a year from cancer.


The movie talked about food digestion and nutrition and how raw (uncooked) foods were the best (granted, there is evidence for both sides of the coin on this one) and the benefits of vitamin supplements. They talked about cancer and disease and how the medical community has failed us in these regards. Did you know that nutrition is not taught in medical school? I know, for one, I'm never asked what my diet consists of when I go to the doctor for a malady. Unless I go to a naturopath. He always asks.

I'm angry and I'm revved up and, while we all know there is very little we can do on a grand scale of things, I CAN take charge of my own life and my own choices and my own nutrition.

Granted, I'm pretty good about eating a salad most days and doing my best to get my produce every day b/c I know how much better I feel, but you know what else I'm going to do? Start taking more Vitamin C. Cancer cells don't like Vitamin C and while it has shown to stunt and possibly reverse the growth of cancer cells, it is most certainly a potential preventative measure. I'm also getting a juicer for Christmas. I can get a lot of raw foods into my body in an easily absorbent way with a juicer.

I'm not a zealot. But I don't want to be sick and malnourished. I want to be healthy... and active... and happy. And I've known for some time that the quality of my food and the amount I move my body on purpose is directly related to my mood and outlook on life in general. I want to live the best life I can live without prescription medications, without pain, without disease.

Don't you?

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