Thursday, June 20, 2013

Now where did that wagon go?

So the Whole30 ended, I was feeling great and then what happened? The same thing that happens every time... I get a little arrogant or I travel or I go to a party... and I fall off the wagon.

Here's the bad news about this. I gained a few pounds. I totally obsessed about food for several days in the last few weeks that led to a few isolated days of all out compulsive eating.

Here is the good news: Other than a tweaked knee I had last week which healed up in a few days, I haven't stopped exercising. Even though I ate total junk for 3 or so days, I'm back on track and not looking back. The junk made me feel like shit and really, if I focus on how I feel and not the numbers on the scale, it's a lot easier to not get frustrated.

So the wagon (which I always imagine as this cloth covered prairie wagon for some reason) was a few blocks away, but I've caught up with it and hopped back on and am riding steady. July will be a challenge due to my traveling back and forth to Seaside to spend time with my guy, but I can bring my own food and continue to eat as clean as possible when we go out and split entrees with him instead of having a whole entree to myself to help with portion control. Staying positive and staying in the moment and looking ahead, but not spending too much time berating myself for what's already happened.

Have a fantastic upcoming weekend!

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  1. An inspiration for other wagon riders alike!

    I had some extra work to do on the wheels to get me back on the wagon, however; I'm once again rolling down that road feeling good, and a little support goes a long way.

    Thanks for the inspiration today.