Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's that time again for rehashing 2010's resolution list and going over 2011's resolutions. The funny thing is... this year's resolutions are pretty much identical to last year's because I liked them all much!

So... for 2010, my resolutions and their outcomes are as follows:

1. Lost 35 pounds. I actually had a contest with a friend of mine regarding this and that was kaput pretty early on, but I still worked out it. I did not make my final goal, but I did lose about 17-19 pounds this year. Which is better than nothing so I'm pleased.

2. Go to the gym 3 days a week, weight training 2 days a week and yoga or meditation 1 day a week. Well, I was sporadic with this. I was hot and heavy in the new year, then took a break, then went back and worked with a trainer and did classes at the gym. And then I found Emily Johnson's Fit Body Bootcamp and now I work out 3-4 days a week with her AND do other things like Hula hooping, belly dancing and roller skating.

3. Learn to knit socks and gloves. I learned to knit socks, but only made one b/c it turned out so large I turned it into a stocking instead. oops.

4. CODA meetings at least twice a month and do the steps again. I didn't even come close to doing this.

5. Go on at least FIVE hikes. My hikes included Oaks Bottom on 2/6, Mt. Tabor Hill walk on 2/18, Powell Butte on 2/28, Oak Island on 3/6, Bagby Hot Springs 5/16, Nob Hill city walk on 8/10. That's six! YAY!

6. Plan 1 3+ night vacation. I spent 3 nights in Beaver, OR for Jenna's birthday over the 4th of July. I also spent the last 2 nights of 2010 and the first 5 nights of 2011 in MAUI! So I'm counting that!

My resolutions are mostly the same for 2011:
1. Lost 35 pounds. This WILL be the year. I can already feel it!
2. CONSISTENTLY do 4+ days of activity a week barring injury or illness
3. One day of yoga per week (already have a yoga membership through November!)
4. Make 1 pair of actual socks and 1 pair of gloves
5. Plan another 3+ night vacation.
6. Go on another FIVE+ hikes this year.

I feel well prepared for 1-3 and the rest will have to just be on my radar for opportunities and timing. Now that I’m back home from Maui and back in the swing of things, I started a 14 day fat flush through my boot camp (http://www.portlandfitbodybootcamp.com/) so both my diet AND my fitness routine are off to a great start. I bought a year membership at a yoga and wellness studio for dirt cheap so will be taking a Hatha and Yin yoga class at least once a week. I’m excited and most importantly… I’m READY!

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