Monday, November 8, 2010

This, that and the other

I am FINALLY feeling like I'm in the swing of my weight watchers plan. I have been cooking up a storm, I'm finally feeling less hungry, I'm back in boot camp so I'm feeling awesome most of the time anyway, etc. etc. I've been really good about tracking my food and making better choices. It's a long road to lifestyle changes and Lord knows I've been here before. But just like my friend once said "every relationship fails until one doesn't"... I suspect the same can be said about many things such as this. "every diet fails until one doesn't."

I ate a lot of cheese the last two weekends. I do so well during the week and then I spend time with Special K and we just love to munch! I have been better about not feeling like I have to eat every time he eats, but his love of cheese makes me want to indulge in MY love of cheese. Luckily, while I used every last spare point I had for WW this weekend, I only used a few activity points and didn't go in the red. Which is a huge success for me. I know this may sound like alien language, but I'm speaking in WW (weight watcher) terms which it seems most people know.

I haven't really noticed that I've lost weight or my clothes fit differently and it's gotten me a little down, but I realized two things today. 1. I feel AMAZING! I feel happy and confident and like the best of myself. And 2. I worked out and drank a ton of water and ate RELATIVELY well before now. So when I compare myself to people who are getting more noticeable results than me, I try to remember that being whole foods and exercise oriented was already part of my lifestyle so it may take longer for my body to adjust to the smaller portions and overall better nutrition than it might for someone else who didn't drink a lot of water or who didn't exercise or whatever differently than I. It's really unfair to me to compare myself to anyone. I have my own challenges and my body will do what it will as long as I continue to love it the best I can by moving and eating in a purposeful and intentional way. Which I intend to do.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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