Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend full of food

For the fourth of July I spent the weekend at a friend's cabin on a river. There were about 16 people total so needless to say, there was A LOT of food. I have been to these events before and the sheer amount of food and booze is outstanding! So this year I did things a little differently in order to try to stay moderately on track.

I volunteered to make a quinoa salad that I make often and is chock full of vitamins and veggies (granted, and olive oil). This way I had a healthy snack whenever I wanted. I brought baked and sun chips instead of regular chips. I DID bring a package of Oreo cookies which was, with my help, polished off in the first several hours of arriving at the river.

But otherwise, I kept my eating under control mostly. I was never hungry when it was meal time and one breakfast I ate WAY more than I should have and needed to, but it was just so good! I snacked on a couple cupcakes and a few handful of chips, but otherwise, didn't do a ton of mindless grazing, which made me proud.

I think next year, I'll prepare even more and bring more salad goodies. It was amazing how, at the end of the weekend, all I wanted was a salad and there wasn't one to be had. Guess I miss my roughage when I don't get it.

In other news, I definitely feel off the wagon. I have only been getting to the gym 2 days a week instead of my normal 5. The hot hot hot weather and my body being totally swollen from bug bites hasn't provided much motivation, either, but I need to get back on track. I feel bloated and I'm never going to reach my goal by sitting here and waiting for it. I'm on my rear end all day at work. All. Day. I need to make a conscious choice each and every day to move my body on purpose ... to sweat and pant a little bit (or a lot in my case). And to prepare meals even when it's so hot here all I can do is LOOK at the kitchen.

I'm not liking what I see in the mirror these days and every time I drop some pounds and am so happy I'm going in the right direction, I seem to put it right back on again. I need someone to come and just hover over me and count calories FOR me! I need a chef. hahaha!

What are you doing to eat well and work out during the summer heat?


  1. Lindsay, I can't tell you how much I love reading your blogs... I don't feel so alone with all of MY thoughts (which are very similar to yours, right down to the bug bites, sitting ALL. DAY. and needing to pant a lot!). Thank you (again) for writing; you provide inspiration to me. You asked a question at the end... to answer you, I have switched out my insatiable love for ice cream with frozen yogurt. I don't think I've had actual ice cream more than once every 6 months for about 4 years now. I would like to think that helps in the summer when sometimes that is all I want to eat! I should also take stock out in Dreyer's Whole Fruit popsicles, which are YUMMY!! I also planted a garden this year, so I am eating fresh greens almost every night, and through the course of the summer will be getting other things like peppers, peas, tomatoes, and cucumbers along with the lettuce, spinach, and radishes that I'm already getting! I try to work out first thing in the morning, when it's cool (and then I "get it over with"!), and work in the yard a lot weeding and mowing (extra calories)! There's also more opportunity for hiking or going for an outdoor jog instead of Gym Monotony that occurs in the winter.

    Congrats on being proud of yourself on the 4th weekend!! There's hardly a better feeling...

  2. Laurel, thank you for your input and kind words. I love to hear what changes others have made as it gives me fresh ideas. I, too, LOVE ice cream and generally only do chocolate sorbet now, but sometimes it's hard to find. I'll try to popsicles, though! YUM!

  3. I have been doing some work on planning to make changes to my eating habits and one of the exercises I completed (not physical) was on my barriers to eating healthy. The biggest barrier I have is that I absolutely HATE to cook. The stuff I make is good but I detest the act and process of making meals. Funny that it isn't taste or joy of eating fat that is my biggest barrier. I did get some suggestions to help take some of the responsibility of cooking off my plate but I'm still not there yet. I am in the Contemplation phase of making change and I may be here for a while.

    On the other hand I have also learned that for me right now, I am making small daily goals each night to accomplish the following day. Whether it be a walk after work, ride my bike, take the stairs. It seems to be working to increase my activity which right now is the general goal I have - to move more on purpose as you say (although the sweat part is less than desirable).