Monday, August 10, 2009

Mis Mush

Well, so much for my weekly blog. There IS much to report, however. I've definitely fallen off the diet wagon. I'm going to start over right at week 6. Probably in... uh... 2 weeks. hahaha. It started when I got sick 2 weeks ago with a flu and high fever. Couldn't really do much more than sleep and drink juice. Then last week I realized "omg, I'm moving and i'm going to be a poor person and I have to do all this stuff" and was just immobilized by stress. So I just ate whatever. And then this last weekend was my birthday so there has been A LOT of cake and cupcakes and macaroni and potato salads. whew! And I have leftovers! And people taking me out to happy hours, etc. I woke up this morning an hour early naturally and could have gone to the gym, but did I? No. I laid there until my alarm went off. Ooops. And next week I'm in Los Angeles, so I expect I'll be eating bagels and Togos (my favorite!) and whatever is at the wedding festivities during the week.

Strangely enough, I've actually lost a few more pounds. But right now, I'm not worried about it. So what if my 12 week challenge turns into a 16 week challenge? I'm still committed, but life has gotten in the way and once I'm off the wagon, it takes a bit for me to get back on. But I will.

Oh. so... Let me tell you what a lovely birthday I had this year! I got to spend all day Friday with my dad and Nicole up at my Grandma's place in Pine Hollow. We hung out on the lake and on docks and in the sun. We heard some juicy stories from the grandma and ate cake and all sorts of strange concoctions she came up with (anyone ever eaten orange flavored jello with carrots??? Yeah, weird, right?). Saturday I picked out my furniture for my new house (did I tell you I've bought a house?!). I had a first date which left much to be desired. And then I bar hopped with my friends. So many people didn't come but I had so much fun with those who did that it was fine with me. I was so grateful for them sharing the day with me and they were SO generous! I got really great gifts and only spent $15 on my night out. Thanks guys!! Sunday I spent some me time at the cafe working on my 12th and final step for my step study group and reading my book and then I had the book group over for The Reader which we watched while eating cupcakes Megan made me and cheese and chips. hehehe. Then over to the folks' house for BBQd burgers and macaroni salad and baked beans and corn on the cob. Omg, and so much more. My mother is so rediculous in the way she cooks. But man it was tastey! And my Aunt bought me a sapphire necklace! It was sooo awesome!

Anyway! I'm still happy and having a good time and WILL get to packing this weekend. If only I could pack just by thinking about it, I'd be done already. hahhaha. I can't believe I'm moving. omg!

Ok all, have a happy week and hope you have missed me! :)


  1. Doh! I missed your birthday! I honestly have missed your blog. I actually came here yesterday looking to see if there was any new blogs. But none were there at the time. :( Sounds like you had a great birthday, I would not have made it any better, I just know that about myself, I am lame. Take care.

  2. Thanks Michael. I'm glad you stopped by either way. :)